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6 Reasons Why You Should Add Floating to Your New Year Resolutions

Float therapy is one of the most beneficial forms of sensory deprivation, with a wide range of physical and mental benefits. When considering a New Year’s resolution, there’s nothing better that you can do for your body and mind than floating. Let’s take a look at why you should add float therapy into your self-care routine in the New Year.

What Is Float Therapy?

Float therapy, also called floating, is a form of sensory deprivation therapy where you “float” in a pool of salt water in a specialized tank. Light and sound are greatly diminished to remove any excess stimuli, leaving you with a sense of weightlessness. 

The Benefits of Floating

  • Stress and Anxiety Relief

Floating is proven to slow your brain waves, sending them into a theta state, which allows for deep relaxation and meditation. In this state, your brain releases endorphins, which create a sense of happiness and well-being, promoting full body and mind stress and anxiety relief. 

  • Lowered Blood Pressure 

Float therapy removes the gravitational pull from your joints, bones, and muscles, improving your circulation dramatically and allowing your body to heal and rejuvenate itself. It creates a marked reduction in heart rate and blood pressure naturally, increasing bodily functions and promoting health. 

  • Soothe Chronic Pain and Inflammation

Since your body is floating and stress and pressure are relieved, float therapy is highly effective for soothing chronic pain and inflammation. Increased circulation helps move pooled fluid and detox the body, ridding it of the harmful toxins that are responsible for many autoimmune disorders. 

  • Strengthened Immune System

When the body is free from toxins and it is functioning properly, the immune system can work the way it was designed. Float therapy helps to strengthen the immune system, allowing you to combat the viruses and bacteria that can lead to sickness and disease. 

  • Aid In Meditation and Relaxation

The sensory deprivation experienced while floating promotes meditation and relaxation, which is perfect for those seeking to decompress and unwind. Since you are completely devoid of stimuli, your brain is free to relax, which leads to an overall feeling of happiness and well-being. Float therapy is perfect for those just starting their meditative journey or for those seeking to reconnect and recharge! 

  • Stimulating Creativity

Do you feel like your creativity is blocked? Thanks to social media, the news, and everyday stresses, it’s easy to lose your creative streak. Float therapy will remove the distractions that are blocking your creativity, allowing you to reconnect and rediscover your passions. 


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