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Allergy Relief With Floating

Woman Floating In A Sensory Deprivation Float Tanks

Seasonal allergies can be an annoying part of life. Most of us love spending time outdoors as the weather gets warmer. But allergy sufferers often choose to stay inside. However, relief is available. Allergists can prescribe medications, eye drops, and topical creams to patients. They can also recommend great over-the-counter products. In addition to medical treatments, holistic remedies like float therapy can also help with allergy symptoms.

Everyone’s experience with seasonal allergies is a little different. There are many different allergy symptoms. Nasal congestion and frequent sneezing are very common for people with outdoor allergies. Red, itchy eyes and skin are also common. Some allergy patients also get rashes, such as hives or eczema, along with this itchy skin.

Salt Therapy For Itchy Skin

If your seasonal allergies are causing itchy skin, then floating is a great therapy to try. Epsom salts are used to keep you buoyant during float therapy. However, these salts also have skin benefits. In addition to relaxing sore muscles, they can soothe itching skin and also reduce redness and irritation.

Relief For Other Allergy Symptoms

Many people suffer from fatigue, nose problems, and sinus pressure during allergy season. Float therapy can reduce these symptoms. The Epsom salt used in this therapy can help to relieve nasal and sinus pressure. The relaxing environment of a float tank also provides a much-needed break for tired, itchy eyes and a tired body.

Great For Overall Wellness

Whether you suffer from allergies or are just looking for a bit of relaxation, floating can help. This natural remedy promotes wellness and healing in both the body and mind. The result? Fewer painful symptoms and a boost in energy.

Ready to Try Floating?

Float therapy is a great treatment, whether you suffer from seasonal allergies, have another health issue, or just want a chance to relax. Book your first session today! Click the link above or call (972) 393-0913.