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Cold Plunge: A Chilly Dip With Benefits

After an intense training session, a stressful day moving, or just getting done with the big game, sometimes you need something to help with the recovery process. There are a thousand and one options to choose from when it comes to recovery methods, but one of the most popular is taking a cold plunge.

A cold plunge is more than just a dip into cold water. Studies have shown using a cold plunge after strenuous activity has a positive impact on the body. But what exactly is a cold plunge? And how can a cold plunge help after heavy physical activity?

What is a Cold Plunge?

A cold plunge is a form of therapy used by many individuals for various health reasons. Also known as cold-water immersion therapy, this method has been used for thousands of years by many different cultures for its benefits. Modern day cold plunges are utilized for therapy and relaxation reasons by people all over the globe.

While it is most commonly used by athletes, this type of therapy is used by individuals from many different walks of life. A cold plunge can be used by anyone from professional athletes to everyday individuals after moving into a new home. Whatever walk of life you come from, a cold plunge is an option for everyone.

How Does a Cold Plunge Help?

Cold Plunges can help in a number of ways. On average, a cold plunge will last 10 minutes or less. A cold plunge can be a full body or individual area experience. But why exactly would you want to submerge yourself in cold water?

There are several ways that cold water immersion therapy has been shown to help the human body. One of the most popular reasons is the process’s inflammation fighting abilities. After a strenuous workout or activity, the muscles can feel sore and inflamed. Cold plunges can assist with recovery, even to the point of speeding up the process by a day or so in some cases.

According to Rochester Regional Health, “This is when hydrostatic pressure comes into play with inflamed muscles and tissue. Submerging the body in cold water creates hydrostatic pressure that pushes the metabolic waste created by inflammation back into the bloodstream to get rid of it more quickly.”

Another way cold plunges could be beneficial is in fighting fatigue. Research has suggested that utilizing a cold plunge could help with the recovery of central and peripheral fatigue. In a 2022 study published by Frontiers in Physiology, researchers explored the use of cold water immersion therapy on individuals following simulated soccer match-play.

Their results found, “the present study showed that CWI immediately after a simulated soccer match-play significantly blunted both central and peripheral fatigue compared to TWI (sham), which led to earlier full recovery of neuromuscular function and physical performance indices.”

Take the Plunge with Float Coppell

Looking to try a cold plunge for yourself? Come visit Float Coppell, where our experienced team of staff members can walk you through the process and how to get the most out of your chilly dip. We offer several pricing options when it comes to our cold plunges.

Individual cold plunges at Float Coppell are $25 each, but for those looking for an unbeatable deal, we also offer 10-pack and unlimited cold plunge options. Whatever your needs are, we have something to fit your needs.


Questions about how to get started? Ask our team members about cold plunges or any of our other facilities. You can reach Float Coppell at (972)-393-0913 or send us an email at kyle@floatcoppell.com. We cannot wait to help you along your wellness journey!